Best Adhesive Hooks For Stucco

Are you looking for the best adhesive hooks for stucco walls? here are the best adhesive hooks that work well on the stucco very well and make a strong hold on the surface! So, that you will be able to hang items easily on the hook without worrying.

I already mentioned what is stucco, here is a small overview of stucco. The stucco is alike plaster and it is a mix of water sand and lime. it is used to cover the exterior as well as the interior of the stucco walls. The stucco is now widely used all over the world because of its weather resistance properties, it keeps the wall safe during harsh and other types of weather.

The Stucco is hard like the concrete walls! and if you want to install hooks or other items on stucco walls, you may need to drill into stucco, which I already covered in here “How to drill into stucco without cracking“. But if you don’t want to drill into the stucco and still you want to hang items on the stucco walls then adhesive hooks are the best option for stucco walls. you can hang small lightweight items to medium, large size heavy objects on the adhesive hool if you select the right adhesive hooks! Here in this article, I will be guiding you to choose the best adhesive hooks for stucco walls.

Why Adhesive Hooks For Stucco?

if you wondering why you should the adhesive hooks for stucco walls, then here is the answer for you. Adhesive hooks are normally used to hang little things on the walls without drilling holes into the stucco walls. Stucco walls have a rough texture and it requires a special drilling technique to create holes! So, if you don’t want to mess up the stucco walls then adhesive hooks will be the best choice for you. below is why you should use adhesive hooks for stucco.

1. No Messy Holes

One of the best things about the adhesive hooks is that you don’t need to drill and create holes in stucco walls. This is why I use adhesive hooks on stucco! when you want to hang light objects or items like pictures, light for Xmas, or any other thing the adhesive hooks are the best! When you use nails or screws, you have to make holes! and if you are not experienced with drilling then you can mess up the stucco walls! it can make your stucco walls crack while drilling! also, those holes can be a pain to patch up! to remove your hooks. Adhesive hooks require no holes! just stick on the surface! so, no mess up!

2. Easy Installation

As mentioned above the installation of the adhesive hooks is very easy compared to other types of hooks! It requires zero skill to install on the stucco walls. You don’t require any special tools or DIY skills. You just need to peel off the backing, stick them on, and you have to press slightly against the walls. It’s as simple as sticking a sticker on your notebook.

3. Sturdy And Reliable

You might be worrying and thinking! will these little sticky things really hold your stuff? the answer is yes! Adhesive hooks are designed very well and it’s stick to the walls and create strongholds, Adhesive hooks are super sturdy and reliable. It can handle almost all lightweight decorations to a little bit of heavy coats or bags. You have to check the max weight holding capacity of the adhesive hooks before placing any heavy object on them.

4. No Damage On Stucco

In general, the stucco walls are pretty cool and have a nice textured finish! but if you mess up then it’s very hard to fix the stucco! I already discussed this! adhesive hooks are best for stucco because they won’t damage or chip away at the stucco surface. you can stick the adhesive hooks on the stucco walls without worrying about ruining your walls.

5. Easy To Remove

When you’re ready to say goodbye to your hooks (maybe you’re redecorating or moving), taking them down is a breeze. Gently pull the tab, and the adhesive should release without leaving any residue or marks.

Best Adhesive Hooks For Stucco

GLUIT Ultra Grip Heavy Duty Waterproof Adhesive Wall Hooks

Best Adhesive Hooks For Stucco

This is a heavy-duty multi-purpose hook for stucco and other similar types of walls. The Gluit adhesive hooks are made of stainless steel and durable PVC, which ensure good durability and longevity and it is waterproof. The material used in these adhesive hooks is recyclable, eco eco-friendly. These versatile wall hooks are perfect for various uses: tool hooks, coat hooks, key hooks, clothing hooks, and towel hooks. Ideal for outdoor applications.

These Adhesive hooks are very easy to use and it’s very easy to install on stucco walls. it requires no drilling, no holes, and without daming the stucco walls you can install it on the walls. You can use wall hooks repeatedly after cleaning and drying. These sturdy hooks keep your accessories secure on any surface. These heavy-duty hooks support up to 22 lbs of weight but it’s recommended to use less-weight items on it. you can use these sticky adhesive hooks that are crafted for walls in your office, garage, or workshop. if you’re looking for the best adhesive hooks for stucco under $15 then this is the best option.

ACURY Large Adhesive Wall Hooks

Best Adhesive Hooks For Stucco

This Adhesive for stucco walls is from FACURY. It can hold a max of 22 lbs of weight and this hook is made of high-quality PVC materials and stainless steel. This heavy-duty hook is durable and sturdy and it is also corrosion-free. So not just stucco walls you can use it in your bathroom too for hanging necessary items.

This adhesive hook is very easy to install, you just need to wipe the surface stick it to your desired location, and press a little bit after.

You can use these adhesive hooks on painted walls, finished wood, glass, tile, metal, and other smooth surfaces. This is a versatile adhesive hook, you can use in the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, and decorations including ceiling hooks, coat hooks, key hooks, plant hooks, bath towel hooks, and picture hooks.

Hoedia Concrete/Stucco/Hard Wall Hooks 

Best Adhesive Hooks For Stucco

It is widely suitable for most walls like concrete/cement walls, stucco/plaster walls, and wallpaper/wooden walls. this adhesive hook is made of ABS plastic which is sturdy than the common plastic and it can be used to hang pictures and other items on the stucco walls. it can hold a maximum of 25 lbs of weight. but it creates very small pinholes after installation,

It will not be an issue and will not be visible if you remove this from the walls, and these hooks don’t damage the stucco walls. like other hooks, it’s also very easy to install. this versatile hok can be used on wallpaper walls, wooden wools, panel walls, player walls, concrete walls, and lime walls without any issue.

KEREITH Concrete Wall Hard Wall Hanging Hooks

Best Adhesive Hooks For Stucco

The last one in this best hooks for stucco is from KEERITH. this is a hardwall hanging hook and a good solution for hanging items with minimal to no damage on the walls. It only has 4 tiny pin holes like the push pin after careful removal with pliers or a knife. Small, yet strong damage-free – holds up to 35 lbs maximum.

these hooks work best on drywall, concrete walls, cinder block walls, cement walls, stickers walls, lime walls, whitewashed walls, wood, wooden doors, and wallpaper walls. if you’re looking for the best hooks for stucco for hanging items then this is one of the best choices for you.

How To Install Adhesive Hooks On Stucco

Installing Adhesive Hooks Is Very Easy

1. First you need to clean the place where you want to install the hooks, you can use cloths to remove the dust.
2. Now, you have to remove the sticker above the adhesive placed back of the hooks
3. Place it it your desire location on the walls and press a little bit and hold for the same position for 10-15 sec

**You can use a pencil or marker to mark the place where you want to install the adhesive hooks. Also, it’s recommended to read the manufactures installation guides.


What are adhesive hooks for stucco, and why should I use them?

Adhesive hooks for stucco are like sticky hangers that you can use to hang things on stucco walls without drilling holes. They’re great because they’re easy to use and won’t damage your walls.

Can I use regular adhesive hooks on stucco walls?

Regular adhesive hooks might not stick well to stucco because it’s a rough surface. It’s better to use hooks specifically designed for stucco.

Do I need any tools to install adhesive hooks on stucco?

Nope, no tools required! Just clean the surface, peel off the backing, and press the hook onto the stucco. Some hooks that I mentioned above may require a small hammer for perfect fitting on the walls.

Will adhesive hooks damage my stucco wall when I remove them?

They shouldn’t damage the stucco if you follow the removal instructions carefully. Slowly pull the hook downward and away from the wall.

How much weight can adhesive hooks for stucco hold?

It varies, but most can hold between 5 to 25 pounds. Check the packaging for the weight limit.

Can I use adhesive hooks for stucco indoors too?

Yes, you can use them indoors on stucco or other smooth surfaces like tiles.

Are adhesive hooks for stucco weather-resistant?

Many of them are designed to withstand outdoor weather conditions.

Can I reuse adhesive hooks after removing them?

Some can be reused if you get replacement adhesive strips. Check the package or product information.

Can I use adhesive hooks on painted stucco walls?

Yes, you can use them on painted stucco, but be careful when removing them to avoid pulling off paint.

Can I hang heavy items like mirrors with adhesive hooks on stucco?

yes, you can! It’s better to use heavy-duty hooks or screws for really heavy items. Adhesive hooks are best for lighter things.

Are there any tips for getting the best results with adhesive hooks on stucco?

Make sure the surface is clean and dry before applying the hook. Follow the instructions on the package closely for the best results.

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