What Type of Anchors Are Best For Stucco? 5 Best Anchors For Stucco

Are you planning to install items on stucco walls? here is what type of anchor is best to use and the best anchors for stucco. Installing items on stucco requires anchors with the screws. It’s crucial to choose the best anchor for a secure and long-lasting attachment to the walls.

In this article, I’m going to explore the types of stucco anchors that work best on stucco walls with screws, an explanation of drilling into stucco walls, and the best anchor for stucco. Let’s know about the stucco shortly.

The stucco is a type of later and it’s used mainly for exterior protection walls from different weather conditions, now a days stucco is also used in the interior. And if you want to install items on stucco walls then here are the complete comprehensive guides and the best anchors for stucco.

Can You Drill Screw On A Stucco Wall?

Yes, you can drill into stucco walls with the right equipment and procedure. the stucco walls’ hardness is almost similar to the concrete walls. and that’s why you need to use a specific drill machine and drill bits for stucco. Also, based on the items you’re going to hang or placed on stucco walls you need to select the right anchors with the screws! If you want to know more about how to drill into stucco walls, then you can check these comprehensive guides to drill into stucco walls.

Types Of Anchor That Works Well On The Stucco

If you are looking for the best anchor for stucco, then there are some important things you may need to consider. There are many factors that can affect the attachment and how it will hold the items over time. here below are the 5 types of stucco anchors that I personally like on my stucco walls! No matter whether you’re looking for hanging big and bulky items or small and lightweight items! the below anchor can work for both. let’s have a quick overview of those anchors below.

1. Expansion Anchors

Best Anchor For Stucco

The expansion anchors are a great choice for stucco and concrete walls if you’re planning to hang something which is heavy. These expansion anchors work by expanding behind the stucco surface and it creates a strong grip! and hence you will be able to install heavy items on stucco walls easily and securely without worry. Whether you’re putting up outdoor decorations or installing shelves indoors, expansion anchors provide a reliable and sturdy attachment point.

2. Toggle Bolts

Best Anchor For Stucco

This is one of the versatile anchors or stucco and other walls like concrete, cement, etc. Toggle bolts work great on stucco walls for attaching items. These toggle bolts mainly consist of two parts, a toggle and a bolt. the toggle is placed behind the stucco and it’s spread out to create a strong hold. In some toggle bolts, you may get a metal channel! which is placed in the stucco hole, and the screw is inserted for better stability and better holding capabilities. Toggle bolts are a great choice for hanging things like artwork, lightweight shelves, etc.

3. Wedge Anchors

Best Anchor For Stucco

want to attach heavy items on stucco walls? here is the best anchor for stucco for hanging heavy items. You will be able to hang heavy items by using a wedge anchor on the stucco. These wedge anchors are designed to handle substantial weights which provide strong support. This wedge anchor consists of metal thread on top which provides a strong attachment to the wall’s materials and also tightens the holes. Whether you’re installing outdoor fixtures like trellises or other heavy objects, wedge anchors offer durability and stability for long-lasting results

4. Self-drilling anchors

Best Anchor For Stucco

If you want to hassle-free way to hang items on stucco walls, then these drilling anchors are for you. these self-drilling anchors are designed to make the installation process much smoother and don’t require any pre-drilling work! So, if you don’t want to drill into stucco walls and still want to hang items on the walls, then this self-drilling works best. Self-drilling anchors work best for attaching light to medium-weight objects, such as electrical boxes, lightweight artwork, and cable mounts. With these elf drilling anchors, you can expect a secure hold without the extra steps of drilling holes.

5. Masonry Screw Anchors

Best Anchor For Stucco

if you want secure attachment and easy-to-install anchors for stucco then masonry screw anchors are the best choice. These masonry screw anchors are designed for easy setup and it provides a very reliable hold. They’re especially useful for medium-weight loads and are commonly used for hanging outdoor decorations, window boxes, and similar items.

5 Best Anchors For Stucco

Bill Premium Stucco Anchors

Best Anchor For Stucco

The first and best stucco anchors are from Bill. This plastic premium stucco anchor has 6 different sizes, so that based on your requirement you will be able to pick any. In addition, it comes with different color options. The quality of these anchors is very good and it made of high-quality quality durable materials that ensure a long time with a very strong hold. This zinch plastic screw is rust and corrosion-resistant. The ribbed in the anchors expands on two sides when you tighten this anchor on the stucco walls. These plastic anchors are intended for light-duty anchoring applications and offer extra support for the office or workplace. The ribbed drywall anchors in abundant size selections can help you hang mirrors, curtain rails, decorative pictures, photo frames, towel racks, and lighting on various wall surfaces, such as brick walls, concrete walls, dry walls, and wooden walls.

CONFAST Screw Anchor

Best Anchor For Stucco

This is one of the best versatile anchors available. The contact screw can work stucco as well as hard concrete walls. And it’s made of very high-quality durable materials which are rust and corrosion-resistant. These screw anchors come with the complete package including the drill bit for getting the perfect installation of this stucco. Although if you don’t like the drill bit you can use any other drill bit for using this anchor. But when you’re drilling into the wall make sure the hole is straight and clean! otherwise, you may need to use the plastic anchors with them.

ITW Brands 31810 Steel Stucco Anchors

Best Anchor For Stucco

These anchors are specially designed for the stucco. ITW brand stucco anchors come with the drill bit and you don’t need any other hammer dill to install this anchor. Designed for fastening applications in Portland cement stucco. Anchors are made with steel to help ensure strength. Indoor/outdoor use.

Ribbed Plastic Conical Anchors 

Best Anchor For Stucco

This is a colonial anchor for stucco. it comes with a whole package kit which contains 50 screw clips, 50 anchors. The plastic anchor and screw set comes in handy for big and small mounting jobs and it’s required a DIY installation process! This anchor can be used for wood, brick (masonry), concrete, stucco, sheet metal, and/or with lag screws in hollow wall installations! The quality of these anchors is very good and it is made of high-quality plastic. screws are rust and corrosion-resistant so that they be used for long-term usage.

Beslife Concrete Anchors For Stucco

Best Anchor For Stucco

This is another premium anchor and screws for the stucco. the concrete screw is made of high-quality carbon steel and galvanized. it will not rust and cringe easily in any conditions. These high-quality wall anchors and screws are ideal for drywalls, brick walls, concrete walls, wooden walls, stucco walls, and more, and the drill bit is included, It is enough to punch holes in these walls.


Q: How do I know which anchor is best for my stucco type?

A: You can consider the weight of the load and the stucco’s texture. masonry screw anchors are best for textured stucco.

Q: Can I use regular screws for stucco?

A: Regular screws are not recommended for stucco, as they might not provide the necessary grip and can damage the surface.

Q: Are adhesive anchors permanent?

A: Adhesive anchors can be difficult to remove, potentially damaging the stucco. They are best used for items you intend to keep in place for an extended period.

Q: Can I install stucco anchors on my own?

A: While some anchors are DIY-friendly, others might require professional installation, especially for heavy items.

Q: What should I do if I need to move an item attached to a stucco anchor?

A: Removing an anchor can damage the stucco. Consider using a patching kit to repair any holes left behind.

Q: Can I paint over stucco anchors?

A: Yes, you can paint over stucco anchors to match the surface, but be sure to use paint that’s suitable for stucco.

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