Can You Stucco Over Brick?

Are you thinking of upgrading and getting a new makeover of your existing brick wall? then stucco over brick can be your best option! And now the question arises “Can you stucco over brick?” well well! The stucco is a popular choice for its versatility and weather-resistance properties, it can withstand bad harsh weather and protect the exterior as well as the interior of your buildings. In this article, we are going to know the details of stucco applications, benefits, considerations you need to do before applying, and much more.

let’s know the stucco a little bit more before answering the actual questions!

What is Stucco?

Stucco is an admixture of cement, sand, and water and it is applied as a plaster and it creates a coating on the exterior and interior walls. It has been widely used worldwide for centuries and it is known for its durability, weather resistance properties, and versatility in design. If you have an old or new brick wall and thinking of applying stucco over a brick wall then here is the answer.

Can You Stucco Over Brick?

Yes, you can apply the stucco over the brick. it possible if you follow the right technique. you can give a brand new look to your old brick wall by using a thick, texture stucco layer. Both the stucco and the brick are masonry items, and after stuccoing over the brick, it will create a strong bond. But there are some essential considerations you have to keep in mind if you want to achieve great results.

How Long Does Stucco Over Brick Last

Can You Stucco Over Brick

Now, you might be wondering how many years the stucco over brick last! If stucco is applied correctly and carefully over the brick, then it can last a very long time. normally the stucco over brick walls lasts around 30 to 50 years depending upon the quality of the stucco and brick, If you take care of the stucco and inspect it correctly then it can last longer than that. But if the lifespan of stucco over brick can be affected if you live in a place with lots of rain, snow, or extreme heat, it might not last long.

Cost To Stucco Over Brick

Stucco over brick costs vary on different factors such as size of the project, type of stucco is being used, labor cost, location, type of design you want, etc. But in general, the stucco over brick can cost between $3000 to $7000 for a 1000 square foot area.

How To Apply Stucco Over Brick

Applying stucco over brick requires some special techniques and procedures to achieve great results! Below is a quick guide on how to apply stucco over brick.

Surface Preparation

The first and most important step in stucco application is surface preparation. no matter whether you’re applying stucco over your existing brick or a newer one, you have to clean the surface of the brick. any mortar, dirt, or debris on the brick surface can affect the stucco applications and its durability. if you find any loose mortar, dirt, or derbies on the brick surface then you need to clean it before applying stucco on it. This process ensures a clean stable, suitable base for stucco. for cleaning the brick you can use some special brushes.

Applying Coating

Scratch Coating

Stucco application involves applying different coatings. The first coating can be called scratch coating or base coating of stucco applications. The scratch coat is a base layer of the stucco and it creates a rough texture on the applied surface areas. This base layer is essential because it helps another layer to grip very well and creates a very strong bond with the brick. normally this coating has a 3/8-inch thickness.

Adding the Brown Coat

After applying the base layer of stucco over the brick, it’s time to apply the second layer on it. this layer is known as brown coating. This layer is normally thicker than the base layer and can be 3/8 to 1/2 inch thick. The main reason for applying the brown coating is it stabilizes the stucco surface and prepares it for the final layer application.

Finishing with the Topcoat

The final layer of stucco is the topcoat, where the aesthetics come into play. here you will have the freedom to choose the texture and finish you want to achieve your desired look and result. Whether you prefer a smooth, textured, or patterned finish.

Things To Keep In Mind For Applying Stucco Over Brick

Here are some important things you can keep in mind before applying stucco over brick walls.

Surface Inspection

Before going with the stucco application you have to check the existing brick wall very carefully, check for any damage on the wall if any fix it first. it’s very crucial. Also, the brick surface should be free from dirt, debris, and mortar. if you find any big cracks or structural issues such as loose brick in the wall, then get it repaired first before applying stucco. keep in mind the proper surface and preparation is the main key for successfully applying stucco over brick to get a nice smoother texture design


Ensuring compatibility between the two is vital for a long-lasting finish. the stucco and brick are built with different materials and have distinct properties. after checking the surface of the brick wall you have to make sure the stucco you’re choosing is good for your brick walls. for this, you can talk with the professionals who have dealt with these things over the years. after that, you will get the appropriate stucco mixture proportion and bonding materials which will create a very strong bond and adhere to the brick surface.


Brick absorbs and releases moisture and the stucco is porous! means stucco has many small holes so that air passes through. Proper moisture management is essential to prevent moisture from getting trapped between the stucco and brick layers, which can lead to damage over time.

Benefits Of Stuccoing Over Brick

Enhance Look

stucco offers a wide range of different types of textures and finishes, and you or the homeowner can achieve the desired look with the stucco. It can revive the old brick wall to a nicely looking brand new wall in no time.


Stucco adds an extra layer of protection to the underlying brick, making it more resistant to weather elements and impact damage.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Stucco can provide added insulation to your home, potentially reducing energy consumption and lowering utility bills. the stucco seals gaps and eliminates draft and it enhances comfort.

Less Maintenance Cost

Stucco requires relatively low maintenance compared to traditional brick surfaces. Routine cleaning and occasional inspections are usually sufficient

Stucco Over Brick Problems

Absolutely, let’s talk about common problems you might encounter when stuccoing over brick in a straightforward way:

  1. Cracking: Stucco can develop cracks over time. This can happen due to changes in temperature or if it wasn’t applied correctly and carefully.
  2. Moisture Trapped: If moisture gets stuck between the stucco and the brick, it can lead to problems like mold or even damage to the wall.
  3. Peeling: Stucco might start to peel away from the brick, making your home look not-so-great.
  4. Color Fading: The color of your stucco can fade over time, especially if it’s exposed to a lot of sunlight.
  5. Cracks in the Brick: If your brick wall already has cracks or structural issues, stucco might not be the best idea, because stucco application is not going to solve those issues.
  6. Cost: Stuccoing over brick can be a bit pricey, so think wisely before making any decision.

Stucco Over Brick Before And After

Here are some stucco over brick before and after photos.


1. Can You Stucco Over Spalling Brick?

If your brick is spalling (crumbling), it’s best to fix it before stuccoing. Stucco won’t magically make it better.

2. Can I stucco over old, damaged brick?

In most cases, yes, you can stucco over old, damaged brick. However, it’s recommended to fix the brick or replace the brick if possible before stucco applications.

3. Is stucco over brick more expensive than traditional stucco?

Stuccoing over brick can be slightly more expensive than applying stucco to a conventional substrate due to the additional preparation and materials required for bonding to brick.

4. Does stucco require painting?

Stucco can be left with its natural finish, or it can be painted for added color and protection.

5. Can I DIY a stucco-over-brick project?

Yes, you can if you follow the right technique with all the consideration otherwise you can hire a professional for this.

6. Can You Stucco Over Brick Exterior?

Yes, you can stucco over a brick exterior. It’s a way to give your house a fresh look. But make sure the brick is in decent shape, and you do it right to avoid problems.

7. Can You Stucco Over Brick Fireplace?

Stuccoing over a brick fireplace can be a cool idea for a new look. But, the high heat from fires can affect stucco, so you have to use the right materials.

8. Can You Stucco Over Brick Chimney?

Yep, you can stucco a brick chimney to jazz it up. Again, make sure it’s done well so that it doesn’t crack with the temperature changes.

9. Can You Stucco Over Brick House?

Absolutely! Stucco can give your whole house a makeover.

10. Can You Stucco Over Brick Veneer?

Yes, you can stucco over a brick veneer. But be extra careful about compatibility between the two materials to ensure it sticks well.

11. Can You Stucco Over Painted Brick?

Stuccoing over painted brick can work, but you need to remove the paint first for a strong bond. Prep work is crucial!

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