How To Hang Christmas Lights On Stucco

Christmas is coming, and you might be wondering how to hang Christmas lights on stucco, here I will explain the tools you will need and the right technique to hang Christmas lights on stucco, without damaging the stucco.

The best way to celebrate Christmas is by decorating your home with lights. If you have a stucco exterior then you might be thinking how to hang the Christmas light on the stucco without causing any damage on the stucco surface! it’s very easy! don’t worry! In this article, I’m going to explain step-by-step guides materials, and tools you will need for an easier and smoother process.

Before you start decorating the lighting on stucco during Christmas time, the first step is gathering the tools and supplies.

Gathering Items

Ready? let’s gather the necessary items and materials for installing a light on stucco during Christmas. below are the items you will need.

Christmas Lights

The first item obviously the light! there are many different types of light available for lighting up your home, but for Christmas, you can get some special light that is exclusive for Christmas only. It’s totally up to your choice and the type of decoration you want, I found this light on the Amazon store, and it’s beautiful and it has an IPx6 rating! so, no matter what weather conditions on the outside, you can use this light without thinking twice.

Extension Cords

This is a must-have item in your bucket light if you’re planning to decorate with the light on stucco during Christmas. The extension cord is used to draw the power from the inside room power outlet to the outside, where you’re going to install the lights.

If you already have an extension cord at home, then you may use it but it is always a good idea to get a brand new one, as it will be nondefective and will work out of the box perfectly without any issue! another thing, it will save your brand new light! in my experience, I burned my whole lighting setup because the extension cord I used was damaged and defective, and after turning it on, the wire of the light got damaged instantly. after this incident, I always used a new extension cord with my lighting setup.

Hanging Items

I don’t like drilling on stucco to install lights on it! Do you? I guess the answer is No! So, to install light on the stucco wall I always use optional methods that don’t require drilling into stucco for Christmas lights. Like me, if you don’t want to drill on stucco then you will need hooks and clipping items for hanging the light on the stucco wall without damaging it. you can use adhesive hooks, clips, tapes, glue, etc. after this section I explained 7 different ways to hang Christmas lights on stucco.

Outdoor Timer

whether you want to leave Christmas lights on all night or not, you should have a timer! yes! The timer lets you set up the lighting timer automatically. Like, if you want to start the Christmas light from 5 PM! don’t worry you can set up the timing using an outdoor timer and along with this, you will have the option to set the stop time! It’s an essential item for decorating Christmas lights at night, it will automate the lighting time easily and you don’t have to turn on the light manually. I recommend you pick an outdoor timer that is weatherproof so that you can use it in bad to extreme conditions. I found this BN Link Outdoor timer works best in all weather conditions and it’s a digital timer.


I guess, you already have one in your home! if you don’t have it then you should get it, because, you will need the ladder to access the unreachable areas while installing Christmas lights on stucco. not only this, you can use the ladder during repairing cracks on the stucco wall, and other works. it takes very little space and you can put it in a small garage without any issues. I personally like this Telescoping ladder, which is 16.5ft tall and it’s a portable ladder.


you might be thinking why should I need a rope? The rope is useful when you want to hang light on a stucco wall, without attaching anything to the wall or if you want to decorate the light as your creative ideas, then you will need a rope for creating an imagination line or a baseline and then on the rope, you can place the light using hooks and clips.

Now, let’s jump into the different ways to hang light on stucco without causing any damage.

7 Ways To Hang Christmas Lights on Stucco Without Damaging Stucco

1. Adhesive Hooks

Stucco is hard and similar to the concrete walls. The adhesive hooks work very well on the stucco walls. But there is a catch, not all the adhesive hooks work well on the stucco, for this, I already described here The Best adhesive hooks for stucco. There you will find the hooks that will work on indoor stucco surfaces the outdoor stucco surfaces and walls. This is a great alternative to other charismatic light-hanging methods. It comes with a hook and you can place the light wire on the hooks and decorate the light around your stucco wall easily without causing any damage to the stucco walls. You can use a caulk gun to attach the adhesive hooks permanently.

2. Double-Sided Mounting Tape

The Double-sided tape is another great option for hanging Christmas lights on stucco without damaging and drilling holes in the stucco. As the name suggests double-sided mounting tapes, mean it has double-sided side adhesive one side for attaching to the stucco walls and the other side for attaching the items on it. it’s not a permanent solution for hanging the light on the stucco, but it works very well as the light is very lightweight and this tape can take the weight of the light and the wire without any issues. this tape is recommended for hanging lights on the outside of the home on the exterior side. keep in mind it can damage the paintwork if you use it for longer periods of time, like for more than a week. this tape is useful for attaching light on the stucco walls.

3. Gutter Clips

This is one of the most versatile clips! The superior design of these clips enables them clips to hold the light, and wire as well and they can attach at the same time to the stucco, rooftop, fence, etc easily. I personally love these gutter clips for hanging Christmas lights in my home. Not just stucco! if you can use it for any other purposes where you require it. the gutter clips are available on the online store, I like these C7 C9 Christmas light gutter clips, which are strong, and the build quality is so good. when you purchase the gutter clips make sure you’re getting enough for your decorating needs.

6. Hot Glue

Hot glue sticks well on the stucco surface. to hang the light on stucco with hot glue, you need the Christmas light wires and start the installation. Before using the glue you can remove the bulb and start installing the holder first. place the holder on the hot glue press a little bit and give it some time to dry it will create a strong bond, and then you can place the bulbs into the holder one by one. if you want to remove the bulb and hold then remove the bulb first then use a heat gun to remove the holder from the stucco surface. keep in mind it can damage the paint if you don’t do it correctly.

7. Hanger Clips

hnager clips? yes! you can use hanger clips to hang the light on the stucco. if you want to install a light on the roof stucco corner and edges then you can use hanger clips to hold the light wire easily. or you can use the rope along with these hanger clips around the stucco for a beautiful light setup during Christmas

How To Hang Christmas Light On Stucco- Step By Step Guide

After choosing your desired method pg hanging lights on stucco, here is how to hang Christmas lights on stucco.

Step 1: Inspect, Measure And Planning

The first of hanging light on stucco is to inspect, measure, and plan. Before attaching anything on the stucco you should take a close look at the stucco surface. make sure it’s in good condition and hooks and clips can be attached to it without any issue. if you find any problem with the stucco, it’s recommended to skip that place and find another nearby suitable stucco surface for hanging light. Now, after the inspection, it’s time to measure! yes! For better and perfect lighting during Christmas night, you should measure and place the hooks and clips, for this, you can use a nonpermanent marker, and mark the desired position where you want to place the hooks and clips.

Step 2: Attaching

Now the second step is attaching the clips or hooks to the stucco walls. For this take out your hooks and clips and start attaching to the stucco surface where you have marked using a marker previously. for attaching hooks or clips, you can use hot glue for better adhesion to the stucco surface.

Step 3: Hang The Light

After hanging the light it’s time to hang the light and the wire. take your light setup, and start hanging the wire on the hooks carefully. Start attaching the light on the holder, if you’re planning to install a medium-sized light on the stucco wall. Otherwise, hang the wire on each clip on hooks one by one. while hanging the wire make sure the attachment is holding the wire and bulb well, if not replace the hooks or clips or you can add a little bit of adhesive there.

Step 4:Set The Timer

after hanging the light carefully, now you can connect the light input socket to the timer output socket. if you don’t have a timer, then you can plug it into the main or desired electric power point. if you have a timer then before turning it on, you can set your desired timing, when the light should turn on automatically and turn off automatically.

Final Step: Testing

Now, this is the time for testing. before testing inspect the whole light setup once and check for if there is any faulty wire or damaged wire, if any it’s better to replace it or you can turn on the main power source to test whether the light setup is working correctly or not. Make sure there is no one near the wire of the light, you just set up. Turn it on and check whether all the bulbs are working or not, if not then you can replace the particular bulb if possible. if everything is working perfectly, then it’s done! gather all the equipment and place it store room, you may need it for removing the lighting setup later on.

Safety Precautions To Hang Christmas Lights On Stucco

Use a Sturdy Ladder: Always use a stable and sturdy ladder while hanging light on stucco. ensure you’re placing on an even surface or you can ask someone to hold the ladder for better stability.

Inspect Your Lights: Before hanging the light you can inspect the Christmas light carefully, and check for any damaged or broken bulb, frayed wires, or loose connections.

Outdoor-Rated Lights: When connecting extension cords or plugs, make sure they are protected from moisture. use light, extension cord, and timer which is designed for outdoor use. Indoor light is not recommended for outside use as it may not withstand the elements and outside conditions.

Waterproof Connections: When connecting extension cords or plugs, make sure they are protected from moisture.

Power Sources: Keep cords and plugs away from walkways to prevent tripping hazards. Tuck them behind decorations or secure them.

Weather Considerations: The most important is the weather conditions, so check the weather forecast before decorating. avoid hanging lights in heavy rain, snow, or strong winds, as these conditions can be unsafe.


Q1: Can I use tape to hang lights on stucco?

A1: It’s not recommended to use normal tape on stucco, as it may not adhere well and can damage the surface and it may not hold the light securely.

Q2: How do I remove the clips or hooks after the holiday season?

Gently remove the clips or hooks by pulling them off gently or you can use a hot air gun. If you have any problem with removing it you can refer to the manual.

Q3: Can I leave the lights up all year round?

While it’s possible, it’s not common to leave Christmas lights up year-round. but I like to take them down after the holiday season to prolong their lifespan.

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