Best Drill Bits For Stucco That Works Flawlessly

Here are the best drill bits for stucco that works on stucco walls flawlessly. If you want to drill into stucco then you need the best drill bits that work on stucco walls without issue. Here are the 5 best drill bits for stucco drilling.

The stucco is a popular material and it’s used for the exterior as well as the interior of buildings, apartments, and houses. Basically, stucco is a cement plaster and It consists of sand, water, cement, and limes. The stucco is widely used in all the countries in the world. Because it provides a very strong weather-resistant coating to the walls. In some cases, you may need to drill into stucco walls, in that case, you need specific drill bits to drill. in this article, you will get complete details of the best drill bits for stucco, different types of drill bits with usage, and how to choose the right drill bits for stucco wall drilling.

Why Do You Need Special Drill Bits For Stucco?

as mentioned earlier the stucco is a plaster and mixer of cement and other materials! which makes it significantly harder and more brittle than other materials. So, if you want to drill in stucco walls then you need to have special drill bit! also, you have to use the right size drill bit to drill. all these are required to save the stucco walls from damage and cracking while doing the drilling. The recommended drill bits for stucco walls are the masonry drill bits They can withstand the tough nature of the stucco and can easily penetrate the stucco walls.

Types of Drill Bits for Stucco

Masonry Drill Bits

The masonry drill bits are the most commonly used drill bits for drilling into stucco. masonry drill bits are made of hardened steel and have a spiral-shaped design with a carbide or diamond tip. it provides good performance for stucco drilling and it is very durable.

Carbide-Tipped Drill Bits

This drill bit is another popular and alternative choice for the stucco. carbide-tipped drill bits have a tungsten carbide tip that can withstand the hardness of the stucco. The carbide-tipped drill bits are known for their good precision and efficiency.

Diamond-Tipped Drill Bits

This is one of the most durable options for drilling into stucco. These bits feature a diamond coating on the tip and it provides good performance while drilling.

How To Select The Best Drilling Bits For Stucco

When you’re selecting drill bit for stucco then you need to look for certain things. created these best drills for stucco with considering all the important things.


you have to ensure that the drill bit is specifically designed and made for the stucco and masonry drilling. then look for high-quality materials like hardened steel with carbide or diamond tips for great performance and longevity.

Drill Bits Diameter

The diameter and length are very important while selecting the drilling bits for stucco. Diameter completely depends on your needs, when you’re buying a drilling bits stucco make sure you’re choosing all the sizes from very small to extra large size diameter. Because sometimes you may need to drill for less-diameter screws on the stucco walls, then you will need small-diameter drill bit. Smaller drill bits are suitable for the smaller hole and larger drill bits are suitable for the large holes.

Shank Type

you can consider shan-type drill bit because the stucco drill bit come with a round shank and easily fits into most drill chunks. some drill bits have a hex shank, which provides a better grip and it reduces slippage, and maintain accuracy while drilling.

Best Drill Bits for Stucco

TITGGI Masonry Drill Bits

Drill Bits For Stucco

This is a missionary drill bit and it’s from the brand Titggi. These drill bits come with carbide bit tip which provide abrasion resistance and makes the drilling process a lot easier. These masonry drill bits can penetrate different types of materials such as glass, ceramic, cement, wood, brick, travertine, hard plastic, etc. The Titggi drill bits come with different types of sets and you can pick based on your requirement and the size you need. these drilling bits are ideal for stucco walls and others. These is the best drilling bits for stucco and for drilling fastener holes in bathroom tiles, ceramic drill bits for pots, or wall mirrors, can easily drill holes in tile, concrete, brick, glass, ceramic, and wood, and reduces breakout. You may need to use water for cooling at the time drilling process.

Owl Tools Store Drill Bits

Drill Bits For Stucco

This Owl drill is Made in the USA drill bit and is best for ceramic tile glass, stucco walls, hard plastic, cement concrete, mirrors, windows, and much more. so, you will be able to choose various materials and things easily. it comes with industrial-grade carbide tips which provide longevity and the sharper edge will last longer. like the previous one, this also comes in different sizes and sets, and you can choose based on your drilling need for stucco.

DKIBBITH Masonry Drill Bits

Best Drill Bits For Stucco

this drill bit for stucco is made of a high-quality & hard YG8 tungsten steel alloy! and the head features reduced resistance and better precision and is more wear-resistant. The U-type slot design allows fast penetration through stucco walls and it also helps to educate the derbies from the holes during the drilling process. The anti-slip triangle shank ensures tight fitting and is best suitable for the electric drill, and hand drill but it may not be compatible with impact drills. So, check the drill before getting this one.

K Kwokker 15Pcs Masonry Drill

Best Drill Bits For Stucco

These K Kwoker drill bits come with Cemented Carbide Tip, and the toughness of these drill bits is very high compared to the ordinary drill bits. These drill bits are perfect for stucco as well as other materials like masonry, tile, glass, wood, plastic, ceramic, terracotta, brick, brick, cinder block, steel, laminate flooring, garden pot, marble, pickguard, mirrors, windows, etc. if you’re looking for an all in one best drilling bits then you can pick this one! the pricing of these drill bits is very less compared to other professional industrial-level drilling bits.

AugTouf Hex Shank Masonry Drill 

Best Drill Bits For Stucco

The last one in his list of best drill bits for stucco is from AugTouf. This is a hex shank masonry drilling bit and it is suitable for drilling through stucco, as well as other materials like Concrete, Ceramic Tile, Glass, Cement, Brick, Cinderblock, Mirrors, Soft Metals, Wood, and More!

Drilling Through Stucco Tips

  1. Keep A Measuring tape for measuring distance before starting drilling, it will help you to measure the distance from ground level and more.
  2. Choose the right drill bit for the stucco drilling or any other drilling process! Because you have to drill and make holes based on the screw and anchors you’re going to use.
  3. Use basic safety gear while drilling, like protective glass, gloves, etc
  4. Use water for cooling the drilling bits. Because of the high friction and rotation speed the drilling bits are hit very fast during drilling! if you don’t cool those, they will gradually decrease the performance.

If you want to know more about drilling into the stucco process, then you can follow this article “ How to drill into stucco without cracking


what drill bit for stucco 

For drilling into stucco, it’s best to use a masonry drill bit. They have a carbide tip that can handle the hardness of stucco and create clean holes

what kind of drill bit to use for stucco 

you should use a masonry drill bit.

are black oxide-coated drill bits good for stucco 

black oxide-coated drill bits are generally good for metal, but they may not be the best choice for stucco.

Can I use regular drill bits for stucco?

Regular drill bits are not ideal for stucco. They may not be strong enough to handle the hardness of stucco and could become damaged easily.

How can I prolong the lifespan of my drill bits for stucco?

To prolong the lifespan of your drill bits for stucco, you have to maintain and clean it after each use and use coolant while drilling.

Can I use water for lubrication while drilling into stucco?

Yes, you can! most of the drill bits manufacturers recommend using water in between the drilling process to reduce the heat.

What should I do if I encounter rebar while drilling into stucco?

stop immediately! Drilling into rebar can damage your drill bit and even cause injury. If you have a metal detector then you can use it in the drilling location before starting the drilling process.

Are there any alternative methods for drilling into stucco without using drill bits?

Yes! you can use adhesive hooks or anchors specially designed for stucco surfaces. But if you’re looking for a large or heavy installation then it’s best to use drilling bits.

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