How To Drill Into Stucco

Here are the detailed guides on how to drill into stucco without cracking the stucco wall. Stucco is one of the popular exterior wall finishes. So, if you want to drill into stucco you have to be very careful, and that’s why this article is going to help you and you will learn how to drill into stucco walls for different purposes.

Stucco is one of the popular choices for most of the home owners nowadays and it’s a widely used exterior and interior in the world. Most of us want to drill into the stucco walls for different purposes, like hanging a heavy picture frame, installing lights outdoors, installing a tv rack on the stucco walls, etc. Drilling into the stucco walls might be challenging for beginners but I you follow the right technique with the right tools, it will be very easy for you to drill into the stucco walls without damaging and cracking them. In this post I’m going to cover, what stucco is, how it works and protect houses, different types of drill bit to drill into stucco walls, preparation, safety tips, and how to drill into stucco without cracking. So, let’s start with what stucco is, you guys already know about stucco, and for better understanding here are the small overviews.

What is Stucco

Stucco is a type of cement plaster that is most commonly used for the finishing of the exterior walls of buildings, and nowadays stucco is being used on the interior also. The stucco is a mixture of cement, sand, water, and limes, which provides a very strong weather-resistant coating on the walls. This stucco provides a very nice finish on the wall and overall enhances the look of the building. As I said earlier that the stucco is now used for the interior, and if you want to drill the stucco walls for a different purpose, you have to be very careful because if you don’t do it correctly then you can damage the stucco walls by cracking it. So, it’s very essential to know the correct and right way to do it. Below are the essential tools required for the hectic free stucco drilling on walls.

Can I Drill Through Stucco?

yes! You can drill into stucco walls! by using proper tools and the right method. The most preferable drill bits for stucco drilling are masonry drill bits. and it’s recommended to use a hammer drill to get the best result it’s very easy to operate on the stucco wall. below are all the details on how you can drill into stucco without damaging and cracking the walls.

Tools and Materials For Drilling Into Stucco

how to drill stucco wall

to drill into the stucco wall, you need some specific tools, if you want to drill without damaging the stucco walls. As well as we have to keep in mind safety. Below are the essentials tools that I think are necessary for the stucco drilling

  • Measuring Tape
  • Cordless drill or hammer drill
  • Masonry drill bits
  • Screwdriver
  • Pencil or marker
  • Anchors and screws
  • Safety goggles
  • Dust mask
  • Protective gloves

Measuring Tape

can drill through stucco

you can use a measuring tape to measure the distance before you start drilling. in some cases, you may need to measure the distance like if you want to drill for the tv mount on the stucco wall, in that case, you have to measure the distance from the ground level. so, always keep a measuring tape before drilling the stucco wall.

Cordless Drill Or Hammer Drill

how to drill stucco wall

You can use any of the drill types, the cordless drill will be the best choice as it doesn’t require external power while operating it. In other and if you have a wired drill then you can use it to drill into stucco walls. The cordless drill will give you more flexibility while drilling into stucco walls. I mentioned the hammer drill specifically here because of several reasons, below are the advantage of using a hammer drill on stucco walls.

  1. impact Action: Unlike regular drills that only rotate the drill bit, a hammer drill combines rotational motion with a hammering or pounding action. Because of these dual actions the drill bits easily penetrate the stucco walls with ease.
  2. Increased Power: Hammer drills are designed with more power and can handle demanding drilling tasks. this power ensures that the drill bit can penetrate the stucco surface effectively without putting excessive strain on the drill motor.
  3. Carbide-Tipped Bits Compatibility: Hammer drills work best with carbide-tipped masonry drill bits. These bits are specially designed to handle hard materials like stucco and concrete.
  4. Prevents Cracks and Chipping: Regular drills might cause cracks and damage in the stucco surface due to their inability to handle the hardness of the material. A hammer drill’s impact action reduces the risk of surface damage, making it a very safe choice for drilling into stucco.
  5. Faster Drilling Speed: Because of the hammering action, a hammer drill can drill into stucco at a faster rate compared to regular drills. this can save you time!
  6. Versatility: Hammer drills are not limited to drilling into stucco; they can also be used for other masonry and concrete-related tasks.

Masonry Drill Bits: Best Drill Bit For Stucco

stucco wall drilling

The masonry is mostly used drill bits to drill stucco walls, here are the advantages of the masonry bits for stucco walls. Here is the detailed post on the Best drilling bits for stucco

Type of Drill BitBest for Stucco WallAdvantages
Masonry Drill BitStucco and Masonry Surfaces1. Designed for hard materials like stucco, brick, and concrete.
2. Carbide tip ensures durability and efficient drilling.
3. Suitable for hammer drills, providing the necessary impact for drilling into tough surfaces.
4. Ensures clean and precise holes in stucco without causing excessive damage and cracking to the surface.


how to drill stucco wall

You should have a screwdriver in your house! it can be used for different purposes to fix things. here for drilling into stucco walls, you may require a screwdriver to secure nuts, bolts, and secure objects on stucco walls, it will help you to insert screws into the stucco walls easily.

Pencil Or Marker

how to drill thorugh stucco

when you are going to drill into stucco walls then you need to have a pencil or marker because you will be able to mark the exact spot where you want to drill or where you want to screw on the stucco walls. using of pencil or marker ensures precision and accuracy to avoid any mistakes while the stucco drilling process.

Screws And Anchors

how to drill stucco wall

Anchors and screws are very important to secure different items on the stucco surface. These anchors and screws are used on the drilled holes to provide a very strong and solid base.

Safety Goggles

how to drill stucco wall

it’s very much essential to use safety gear while doing any type of drilling, safety goggles are one of the must-have safety gear. These safety goggles will protect your eyes from tinny objects, dust, and derbies while doing stucco drilling.

Dust Mask

How to drill into stucco

at the time of drilling into stucco walls, there will be flying derbies and dust on the air and it can be harmful, so, you can consider having a dust mask to protect the respiratory system.


How to drill into stucco without cracking

Protective gloves are used while drilling because they will save your finger and injuries while drilling. They protect from sharp edges or rough surfaces.

Stucco Pre-Drilling Preparation

Before going for drilling into stucco walls, here are some pre-drilling preparation you can follow! for a smooth and successful drilling process safely.


before drilling you need the inspect the stucco surface very carefully, whether it’s having any cracks, weak spots, or irregularities. If you’re not professional you can leave this space and choose another stucco wall area for drilling.

Mounting Points

You can determine the points by marking the exact location where you want to drill. it will save you time! if you’re not going to do drilling the stucco wall area right away, you can mark it for reference! later you can drill through the stucco on that location.

Choose The Right Drill Bit

it’s very important to choose the right drill bit. I already recommended using a masonry drill bit for stucco wall drilling. The bit should have a carbide and be suitable for use.

Safety Gear

Already mention the importance of using safety gear while drilling. Gather all the safety gear or if you are ready for drilling then gear up with your safety gear.

Prepare the Drill

f you’re using a regular drill, ensure the hammer or percussion function is turned off! if you’re using a hammer drill then you can activate the hammering action based on your requirement.

Clear the Area

You should clear the stucco drilling surface area as well as other items nearby! because while drilling it can produce dust, derbies, and tinny particles which can damage other household items.


Are you ready for drilling? if you’re inexperienced with drilling, then to build your confidence you can use a scrap piece or other area where you can practice drilling before going for the final drilling through stucco walls.

How To Drill Stucco Without Cracking – Step-by-Step Guides

Step 1: Measure And Mark the Spot

The first step is the measure the drilling location precisely and mark the spots where you want to drill. in some cases you may require to have more than one hole on the stucco wall, for this, you have to mark each drilling location accurately using a marker. Alo you can measure the height you need from the ground surface.

Step 2: Choosing The Right Size Drill Bits

While drilling through the stucco wall you have to keep in mind that you need to use the right drill bit size for drilling! suppose you’re going to use a particular size screw or bolts on the stucco surface! If you use a larger or smaller one then it can cause fitting issues. so make sure you’re using the right size drill bits.

Step 2: Drilling Slowly and Steadily

After marking and measuring the stucco drilling spot and after choosing the right size drill bits, the next step is the drilling. Now attach drilling bits to the drill machine, take the drill against the stucco wall on the marked spot, and start drilling very slowly by pushing a little bit on the stucco wall. Because at the beginning of the drilling process, you have to be careful, otherwise you can damage the wall. start slowly drilling until it creates very small holes. after you see the small holes you can gradually increase the drilling speed a little bit. You can stop in between the drilling process to check the hole depth. Then drill until you have gotten the desired requirement. After reaching your goal you take out the drill and check the hole again.

Step 3: Cleaning And Inserting the Anchor

After drilling the hole, remove any dust and derbies from the drilling area. now you can insert the anchor into the holes for your particular requirements, and you can use a screwdriver to ensure the proper fitting. you can use a tv mount or any other mount for the stucco walls.

Step 4: Securing the Fixture

Finally, you can attach the picture or object to the stucco wall using the screws and screwdriver, just make sure the fixture is stable and secure.

Tips And Tricks For Better Stucco Drilling

  1. Use a lower drill speed to avoid damaging and cracking it.
  2. if you encounter metal items beneath the stucco while drilling, you can switch to another location! and the drilling location can be easily fixed later on.
  3. you can apply masking tape over the drilling spot to prevent the stucco from chipping.
  4. if you want to create a larger hole, you should always start with smaller bits and gradually increase the drill bit size.

Common Problems While Stucco Drilling

  1. if you notice any cracks around the drilled hole you can use silicone based could seal them and you can prevent water from seeping from the wall.
  2. If you decide to remove the fixture later, fill the holes with a stucco patching compound. Once it dries, repaint the patched area.

How To Drill A Screw Into Stucco

  1. Prepare and mark the area, I already mentioned how to drill into stucco without cracking section or pre-drilling section.
  2. f the screw requires a pilot hole, use a drill bit slightly smaller than the screw’s diameter.
  3. If the screw does not have a self-tapping feature, drill a pilot hole into the stucco at the marked spot
  4. Align the screw with the pilot hole (if applicable) or directly on the marked spot. Use a screwdriver or a drill with a suitable screwdriver bit then turn the screwdriver clockwise.

How To Drill Hooks Into Stucco

first, you need to make a hole, and this hole size should match your hooks diameter. create a hole first then drill until you’re getting your desired depth. Then remove and clean the area. after that, you can insert the hooks and tighten them.

How To Drill Into Outdoor Stucco

if you want to drill into the outdoor stucco surface, you can follow exact same process that I describe above on how to drill into the stucco section.


Can I use a regular drill for drilling into stucco?

yes, you can use regular dill for drilling into a stucco wall but a hammer drill or cordless drill with a hammer will be easier and more convenient.

What size of drill bit should I use for stucco drilling?

it always depends on the size of the anchor or screws you’re going to use after drilling. so, based on screw or anchor size you have to make the hole.

Can I drill into the stucco without anchors?

It is not recommended to drill directly into stucco without anchors, as it may lead to weak and unstable fixture installations

How do I repair a damaged stucco surface after drilling?

If you accidentally damage the stucco surface, you can use a stucco patching compound to fill the hole and then repaint the area

Is it possible to remove the fixture after drilling into stucco?

Yes, you can remove the fixture by unscrewing it from the anchor.

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